CMI Abasto is a medical facility located in Buenos  Aires, Argentina, uses both traditional medicine and philosophy to diagnose and treat patients from all over the world who suffer from addiction, depression and eating disorders in an effort to provide a better quality of life.

CMI has made a significant presence in the U.S. over the last seven years, with patients coming from all over the country to receive medical and philosophical diagnosis, treatment for addiction and depression, and simply to learn more about themselves. As the Greeks say, "A healthy mind is a healthy body"-and that is exactly what CMI helps patients achieve.
Upon arrival to CMI, patients must receive seven days of medical and philosophical diagnosis in order to understand the individual's well-being from both a physical and emotional standpoint. The medical tests range from brain scans, blood tests, dermatology-literally head to toe testing. Simultaneously, the patient has philosophical coaching, personal training, a nutritionist and massage therapy. Upon completing the seven days of screening, the patient will review all results with one head medical doctor and one head philosophical coach to better understand where their issues stem from. The medical testing at CMI is completed within two to three days and would take an extensive amount of time and money to schedule and complete elsewhere, making CMI a primary choice for patients globally.

CMI understands that when it comes to depression, addiction and eating disorders, there is not a "one size fits all" protocol in treatment-each person is an individual and needs to be treated that way. Philosophy, and understanding how to apply it in daily life, is what allows a patient to see the core emotional reason they suffer. By understanding and applying philosophy in one's daily life, the emotional stress that resulted in depression, addiction or an eating disorder naturally dissolves and the patient naturally abandons the idea to consume or to feel depressed.

If we look at the human being as an iceberg, we only see the tip-the physical body. People are much more vast, or complex, in the unseen world (under the water the iceberg is enormous, yet unseen). To learn more about oneself from all levels allows the patients to find their own truth. CMI coaches are here to offer patients tools to apply in daily life to help reach their full potential, as well as aid patients in achieving their goals and finding personal truth.

It just so happens that during this process, if one is suffering emotionally (addiction, depression, eating disorders), they no longer suffer in such a way. Understanding oneself and learning about oneself creates a level of happiness that emotional suffering begins to diminish-which results in the physical body changing, as well. Often patients will arrive to the facility with physical and emotional issues other than addiction and depression. CMI takes all aspects of the individual into consideration and designs treatment to handle additional issues found (ADD, dyslexia, insomnia).

CMI is unlike any other facility because it looks at each person as an individual and helps them obtain their essence, which is why individuals from all over the world are traveling to Buenos Aires for treatment.

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